YOGA- Studio or Open-Air Practices- from the deck on the water!

WEDNESDAYS from 9 – 10 AM

This is the practice for all levels to learn to love yoga. Move with intention, lots of modifications and props as needed for beginners or those dealing with injury or illness, as much or as little as you need.

Please contact me to join my weekly emails or classes. You will receive links to Zoom yoga practices or reserve your spot for in-person. You will get access to my weekly inspirations/writings that come from my heart to yours. Stay connected.

For more mindful magic, yoga, and body work contact Nicole Lancaster.


ZOOM Yoga is never overcrowded.  Set up a space in your house that is free of clutter, quiet enough that you can be undisturbed and large enough for your yoga mat and any other items that make your space feel peaceful/your mini-sanctuary. 

Please add props as needed to assist your practice: a chair for balance, a book for a block, rope or tie for stretching, cushions from a couch or pillows for support. Mute your microphone once we begin and you can leave your video on or off-  your choice. Pets are welcome! 

Holly’s Zoom Meeting ID (you will also receive this in your email) ID: 585 306 4926

Please contact me about private Yoga and/or Stress Management sessions: in person or Zoom.

Payment Options: Cash, check or Holly’s Venmo: @Holly-Konrady-1
OR Paypal: Holly Konrady or 

A little helper saying hello to friends on Zoom Yoga!