Stress Management

STRESS LESS is a customized practice designed for you. Message me with times/days that work for you. Join me or a small group for guided practice.

Be present: one of the keys to finding peace with yourself and others is to be anchored in the present. Be aware of your triggers, make changes, and find greater calm through a variety of techniques: breathing, progressive muscle relaxation (PMR), stretching and simple yoga poses, imagery, meditation, more connection… more awareness. BREATHE NOW.

Chronic stress can lead to dis-ease and keep us from healing.

If any items on the list below resonate with you- contact me to learn simple tools for managing chronic stress and begin to feel more ease in life:

  • Decrease stress, anxiety, depression, or worry
  • Have better posture and alignment
  • Improve mindfulness
  • Improve balance
  • Sleep better
  • Heal digestive problems and other health issues
  • Feel more calm in everything you do¬†
  • Improve focus, memory and concentration

Email: or  Cell: 910-228-9623

Restorative postures, breathing, muscle relaxation…